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Remanufactured automatic transmissions for Mercedes Benz vehicles
     Because Mercedes Benz offers superior quality, owners can enjoy their cars for many years, long after their domestic counterparts have since worn out. We can help you to keep your Mercedes Benz in excellent condition by supplying you with those hard to find  rebuilt remanufactured Mercedes Benz automatic transmissions 
 Sun Valley Mercedes Transmissions, LLC.  is proud of the fact that for over 25 years we have shipped our rebuilt remanufactured Mercedes Benz automatic transmissions all over the world. We test all of our rebuilt remanufactured Mercedes Benz automatic transmissions and offer a 2 year warranty. Associated labor is not warranted.
Remanufactured automatic transmissions  
 We have researched the various problems associated with Mercedes Benz automatic transmissions and have developed procedures and modifications to avoid premature failure.  Our expertise and unique manufacturing processes result in quality, which has allowed us the privilege to earn one of the best reputations in the business. Some of our information has been published in a large transmission repair chain in house technical guide. Our customer base includes all of the major transmission repair franchises, Mercedes Benz Dealerships, Mercedes Benz Classic Center as well as independent repair stations.
Our remanufactured automatic transmissions come complete with a rebuilt torque converter and are tested on a Dynamometer. We sell our transmissions on an exchange basis. Most transmission rebuilders charge a core deposit, where you must guarantee that the core is rebuildableType your paragraph here.



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